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Cohen Barristers & Solicitors: Toronto Business & Corporate Lawyer

As a lawyer in Toronto, our practice serves the legal needs for clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We provide general legal counsel that complements the efforts of our business clients. Our clients include insurance professionals, accountants and management consultants. We provide litigation and alternative dispute resolution processes. We have clients selling financial investment products as well as various other consumer services. We act for automobile dealerships, restaurants and other retail businesses. We service technology companies and start-ups. 

Diverse General Practice Law Firm

We service a diverse corporate clientele. Our clientele includes ISO 9000 series manufacturers and tool and die companies. We act for distributors and sellers of consumer and industrial products. We are Canadian corporate counsel for a NYSE listed international electronics manufacturer and Canadian corporate counsel for wholly and partially foreign owned Canadian corporations. Our firm provides professional legal counsel in the following areas:

Business & Corporate Law
Real Estate
Notary Public
Wills & Powers of Attorney

Our Legal Practice Philosophy

At Cohen Barristers & Solicitors, our philosophy has always been to try to conceptualize everything that may be negative or wrong with a client’s proposal; then, either improve upon it or explain why it is impractical.

The business world is not perfect. It is commonly perceived that if business people relied on the professional advice of their lawyers and accountants, commerce would be severely curtailed. There are at least two reasons for their approach to the resolution of a client’s requirements. These professionals are trained not to be risk takers. They are also aware of legal and ethical boundaries.

You as a business person and executive must collect information from your professional resources and your business associates in addition to your normal research. You then assess all information which you realize reflects the positions and viewpoints of the persons providing the information. You make a reasoned decision by assessing the risks of the choices given to you.

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Legal Strategies

  • Needs to have an understanding and a feel for your business goals 
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with you 
  • Must be able to effectively assist you to consider the implications of your intentions 
  • Must provide you with good documentation in a timely manner at a reasonable cost 
  • Must steer you towards cost-effective legal strategies
business & corporate
estate planning
real estate

History of Reliability

You can rely upon the accumulated experiences of Bryon C. Cohen to achieving your legal goals effectively and efficiently. Long time, as well as recent, clients appreciate the frank and open communication, service delivery and competitively fair fees. They recognize the effort to ensure their business and personal goals are met through efficient time respected service, appropriate structured agreements and when required, through focused negotiations.

COHEN BARRISTERS & SOLICITORS - assisting clients to achieve their legal goals effectively over many years.
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