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We provide our clients with full service at competitive prices.

What is full service?

Full service is a proven, comprehensive service delivery as described below, which includes with your quoted fee for a residential purchase:

  • Preliminary consultation with a lawyer to review your agreement of purchase and sale, to preparing a written projected statement of adjustments and statement of projected expenses necessary to complete your transaction; a discussion which includes what you need to do prior to closing, as to when we meet again, closing procedure, when on the closing date you can expect your keys, how you are taking title.
  • Telephone inquires regarding the closing process.
  • Meeting with “your lawyer” prior to closing to review and sign all closing documentation and to review closing procedures.
  • Comprehensive, bound report and accounting after successful completion of your transaction.

What is the purpose of the Preliminary Consultation?

To identify any misconceptions you may have; to significantly lessen the chance of any last minute surprises, for example, the actual dollar amount required on closing.

We prepare a projected statement of adjustments and projected closing budget as an integral part of the preliminary consultation.

This consultation enables the lawyer to address the following important matters in a timely fashion:

  • If there are any apparent problems with this transaction.
  • The accuracy of the client’s budget.
  • The resolution of any problems and budget difficulties which have been identified.
  • Client’s financing, mortgage insurance, title insurance, future realty tax payments and other areas of concern to the client.
  • For a first time client – to get to know each other so on your pre-closing (second) attendance you will already have familiarity with the closing process and your lawyer, thereby reducing your stress and uncertainty.

For a sale, we follow the same procedural process except that during the preliminary consultation, we address the net proceeds of sale, including the discharge of mortgages and any applicable penalties.

We want you to have a stress free experience as to all matters within our control. We have been saying to our clients for years that “if it looks like we didn’t do anything, then we have done a great job”.

Compare our work for example to the performance of a professional ice skater. Those triple loops and quads look easy, but in fact are the result of a lot of disciplined practice. It is the same in our business. Experience and attentiveness counts.

To obtain a competitive quotation and/or to arrange an appointment, please call 416-293-6000 or email.

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We have an extensive background assisting with the completion of the purchase and sale of commercial properties. We recommend being retained at the time you are reviewing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, if you are dealing with a real estate agent. Our experience includes non-regional shopping centres, industrial and apartment buildings and units.

We will be pleased to provide you with a projected closing budget.


We act on behalf of both commercial landlords and commercial tenants advising with respect to retail, office and industrial leases. In our experience, there are still prospective tenants who are not aware that an Offer to Lease or Agreement to Lease is a binding contract which governs the terms and conditions of the Landlord’s standard lease. Failure to address at this stage vital concerns which may impact on your total rental cost and ability to sell your business may result in you as a tenant being forced to accept unfavourable lease terms. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that you obtain legal advice prior to signing the Offer to Lease and of course, before signing the Lease.

We would be pleased to assist you. For the prospective business tenant, we can offer a selection of negotiation and review alternatives to address your budgetary concerns.


We act for private lenders for commercial and residential mortgages. As well, we act for property owners, both residential and commercial, who require new financing or re-financing of their properties.

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